Work Health and Safety Policies

Sandpit Policy


Ohana Early Learning aims to ensure that the sandpit is clean, hygienic and in a safe condition for all service users.

Legislative Requirements

National Quality Standard (NQS)

Quality Area 2: Children’s Health and Safety  

2.1. Health – each child’s health and physical activity is supported and promoted.

2.1.1. Wellbeing and comfort – each child’s wellbeing and comfort is provided for, including appropriate opportunities to meet each child’s needs for sleep, rest and relaxation.

2.1.2. Health practices and procedures – effective illness and injury management and hygiene practices are promoted and implemented.

2.2. Safety – each child is protected.

2.2.1. Supervision – at all times, reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected from harm and hazard.

2.2.2. Incident and emergency management – plans to effectively manage incidents and emergencies are developed in  consultation with relevant authorities, practised and implemented.

Education and Care Services National Regulations

Children (Education and Care Services) National Law NSW

103. Premises, furniture and equipment to be safe, clean and in good repair.

105. Furniture, materials and equipment.

108. Space requirements—outdoor space.

113. Outdoor space—natural environment.

114. Outdoor space—shade.

115. Premises designed to facilitate supervision.

86. Notification to parents of incident, injury, trauma and illness.

Who Is Affected?

  • child
  • staff
  • management
  • families
  • visitors

Policy Implementation

In order to ensure our sand pit is always a safe and hygienic place for children to play and learn, we will do the following:
  • The sandpit will be raked each afternoon so as to be able to readily identify any disturbance the following morning
  • Daily inspections of the sandpit as part of our daily safety checks, to ensure it is safe and clean for children to use
  • Monthly turnover to aerate the sand and replenish if levels drop 100mm below the top edge of the sandpit.
  • Change sand every 12 months or more often if required
  • Regularly clean/sanitise sand (every Friday) with the centre utilised neutralising chemicals Diversey (R2), the disinfectant is to be watered in by a watering can followed by running a rake through the sand to ensure it is all sanitised. Sun and fresh air are good disinfectants also.
  • Use washed beach or river sand as recommended by Kidsafe NSW.
In the event that any animal or human waste is found in the sandpit, the following procedure will be following:
  • If children are in the sandpit, all children will be removed from the area.
  • The waste will be removed from the area, as per regular cleaning procedures. Staff will wear suitable protective clothing.
  • Soiled sand will also be removed from the area, and the sand in that area will be sanitised with salt, or neutral detergent and water distributed with a watering can.
  • Where extensive contamination has occurred, all sand should be replaced.

Policy Review

Policies are reviewed regularly by management, employees, parents and any interested parties to ensure that they comply with Laws, Regulations and Guidelines.

Change Date
Policy created February 1, 2016
Policy reviewed. Minor changes to ensure compliance with National Law, NSW Regulations and the revised National Quality Standards. October 2, 2017
Policy reviewed. Layout changes only. June 1, 2018