Work Health and Safety Policies

Road Safety Policy


To help children develop safe road usage practices – empowering them to be safe road users.
Increase parents/families/community awareness of the road safety issues affecting young children. To provide consistent road safety messages between the Service and home environment.

Who Is Affected?

  • child
  • staff
  • management
  • families

Policy Implementation

Educators/Staff will:

  • Use planned and spontaneous learning experiences to promote the key safety messages of –
  1. Always hold a grown-up’s hand. When a grown-up’s hand is not available, hold a pram, bag, or clothes;
  2. Always cross the road with a grown-up;
  3. Always buckle up your seatbelt;
  4. Always leave your seatbelt buckled up in the car;
  5. Always get in and out of the ‘Safety Door”;
  6. Always ask a grown-up where it is safe for you to play; and
  7. Always wear a helmet when riding your bike or wheeled toy;
  • Use relevant up-to-date road safety information and resources (kits, games, and posters).
  • Realise that children are dependent on them for safe behaviour in the road environment.
  • Through play help children become familiar with, and to practice passenger safety, pedestrian safety and safe play.
  • Teach safe road practice through play and discussion.
  • Educate families and communities about children’s road use issues and safe practices.

Children will:

  • Participate in planned and spontaneous learning experiences.
  • Develop safe road practices
  • Through play become familiar with, and practice passenger safety, pedestrian safety and safe play.

Parents/Family/Community will:

  • Be provided with road safety information;
  • Be asked to contribute ideas/suggestions/comments about children’s road safety;
  • Be encouraged to always hold their child’s hand in the car park or pathway;
  • Be encouraged to always ensure that children wear seat belts in the car;
  • Be encouraged to always ensure that children wear helmets when riding bikes or wheeled toys;
  • Be encouraged to always insist that children use the “Safety Door”; and
  • Be encouraged to always monitor where their children play and insist they play in safe areas.

Policy Review

Policies are reviewed regularly by management, employees, parents and any interested parties to ensure that they comply with Laws, Regulations and Guidelines.

Change Date
Policy created. February 1, 2016
Policy reviewed. October 2, 2017