Work Health and Safety Policies

Maintenance of Building Policy


Ohana Early Learning aims to maintain the centers building effectively to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries for staff, children, families and visitors. To provide children, staff and visitors, to the center with the safest possible environment.

Legislative Requirements

Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010
Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011

Who Is Affected?

  • child
  • staff
  • management
  • families
  • visitors

Policy Implementation

  • Buildings and all equipment will be maintained in a safe, clean condition and in good repair at all times.
  • The center and equipment will be regularly checked to ensure that they are in a
    good and safe condition and where appropriate comply with relevant Australian Standards.
  • Equipment will be regularly washed and cleaned.
  • Parents will be encouraged to notify the staff of any problems that they might observe.
  • Anything that requires maintenance is to be reported to the Nominated Supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Faulty equipment should be removed immediately.
  • All products and equipment is to be stored so as to minimise manual handling incidents.
  • All power points are to be fitted with safety plugs when not in use.
  • Sandpits are raked each afternoon to provide a surface where any disturbances can be identified and to dispose of any animal faeces, other contaminants or potentially dangerous objects.
  • Daily inspection and where required spraying of the boundary and internal fences are to be conducted where appropriate to minimise the impact of spiders and other insects.
  • It is the responsibility of the Approved Provider to ensure that pest control methods used within the service are safe and appropriate to use in a children’s service.

Policy Review

Policies are reviewed regularly by management, employees, parents and any interested parties to ensure that they comply with Laws, Regulations and Guidelines.

Change Date
Policy created. February 1, 2016
Policy reviewed. October 2, 2017