Work Health and Safety Policies

Equipment Policy


All equipment & toys purchased for the Service will meet Australian Safety Standards & be appropriate to the developmental stages, interests and culture of the children in care.  Toys of war are considered inappropriate to the Service’s aim of providing a safe and caring environment.

All Educators and other Staff members will be diligent to ensure that all equipment and toys are kept in a thoroughly safe, clean and hygienic condition and in good repair at all times, and stored in a safe manner. Children will be taught to use equipment appropriately.

In consultation with Educators and other Staff, the Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor will determine which equipment is most appropriate taking into account; durability, easy maintenance, cost, benefit to the children’s program.

Legislative Requirements

Australian Standards; Fair Trading Act 1987 (NSW)
Competition and Consumer Act 2010
Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010
Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011

Who Is Affected?

  • child
  • staff
  • management
  • families

Policy Implementation

  • The Approved Provider will be responsible for the purchase of all new items of equipment;
  • The Approved Provider will seek Educators and Staff input on compiling a prioritised list of items of equipment will be sought annually;
  • Parents/Guardians will be invited to provide information about the toys/activities their children enjoy at the time of enrolment and at intervals thereafter;
  • All new equipment will be checked against Australian Safety Standards;
  • Children will be carefully introduced to new toys & pieces of equipment and taught how to use and care for them appropriately;
  • Equipment that should only be used under supervision will be stored in a safe place;
  • Equipment will be checked regularly by the staff to ensure it is in a clean and safe condition;
  • The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor will advise the staff and parent committee about the purchase of new equipment and where appropriate ensure a risk assessment is carried out; and
  • All equipment purchased for the Service will be within budget limitations.

Policy Review

Policies are reviewed regularly by management, employees, parents and any interested parties to ensure that they comply with Laws, Regulations and Guidelines.

Change Date
Policy created. February 1, 2016
Policy reviewed. October 2, 2017