General Service Information

Code of Conduct

We believe in maintaining an inclusive and welcoming environment and workforce that motivates and facilitates personal growth and development for staff and educators. The values that underpin our work ethic include equality, respect, integrity, and responsibility.


We aim to establish a common understanding of work place standards and ethics expected of all employees of the Service. We aim to ensure positive working relationships are formed between all educators and management, promoting dignity and respect by avoiding behaviour which is or may be perceived as harassing, bullying or intimidating.  Educators and management will at all times conduct themselves in an ethical manner and strive to ensure that all interactions are positive and respectful and are in accordance with the Service’s philosophy.

Legislative Requirements

National Quality Standard (NQS)

Quality Area 4: Staffing Arrangements

4.1. Staffing arrangements – staffing arrangements enhance children’s learning and development.

4.1.2. Continuity of staff – every effort is made for children to experience continuity of educators at the service.

4.2. Professionalism – management, educators and staff are collaborative, respectful and ethical.

4.2.1. Professional collaboration – management, educators and staff work with mutual respect and collaboratively, and challenge and learn from each other, recognising each other’s strengths and skills.

4.2.2. Professional Standards – professional standards guide practice, interactions and relationships.

Quality Area 7: Governance and Leadership

7.1.1. Service philosophy and purpose – a statement of philosophy guides all aspects of the service’s operations.

7.1.3. Roles and responsibilities – roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and understood, and support effective decision-making and operation of the service.

Education and Care Services National Regulations

168. Education and care services must have policies and procedures.

Who Is Affected?

  • child
  • educators
  • staff
  • management
  • families
  • visitors

Policy Implementation

The Approved Provider, Nominated Supervisor, Educators and Staff, Volunteers, and Students will adhere to the Early Childhood Australian code of Ethics, National Regulations and Quality Standard, and Service policies and procedures at all times, promoting positive interactions both within the Service and the local community.
Respect for People and the Service
  • Employees and Management are committed to the Service philosophy and values, inclusive of best practice in early childhood education and building positive partnerships with children, families and staff.
  • Effective, open, and respectful reciprocal communication and feedback between employees, children, families, and management is conveyed.
  • It is important to treat colleagues, children, and families with respect. Bullying or insulting behaviour, including verbal and non-verbal aggression, abusive, threatening, or derogatory language or intimidation towards other employees, children, visitors, of families is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Employees are committed to valuing and promoting the safety, health, and wellbeing of employees, volunteers, children and families.
  • Employees are committed to an Equal Opportunity workplace and culture which values the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of all employees, team members, and managers, and the diverse heritage of our families and children.
Care of Children
The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor, Educators and other Staff Members must, in relation to each child, at the Education and Care Service, ensure that:
  • The health, welfare, and progress of the child are promoted, and
  • The child is provided with a range of activities designed to promote social, emotional, cognitive, cultural and physical development, and
  • The child is (where appropriate) provided with regular and varied meals and refreshments, having regard to the child’s age and to community practices, and
  • The child is provided with educational and recreational activities (both on an individual and a group basis) that are suitable and adequate for the needs and interests of the child.
Sleeping Arrangement
The Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor must take reasonable steps to ensure that the needs for sleep and rest of children being educated and cared for by the Service are met having regard to the ages, developmental stages and individual needs of the children.
The Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor must ensure that:
  • Each bed or cot for children at the education and care service is equipped with a clean and comfortable mattress and bed.
  • All bed clothing is supplied by parents and is kept clean and in a satisfactory condition.
  • No child sleeps in the same room as an adult.
Supervision of Children
The Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor must ensure that children at the Education and Care Service are adequately supervised, having regard to their ages, physical and intellectual development by primary contact members of the Education and Care Service’s staff.
The Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor must ensure that no Educator is allowed to supervise children unless the Educator:
  • Is sympathetic to the welfare of children.
  • Have adequate knowledge, understanding and experience of children so as to be capable of meeting their needs.
  • Is able to adequately care for and supervise children.
  • Is of suitable age, health and personality to care for children and
  • Is of good character.
  • Has received suitable training in the proper care of children.
The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor must have regard to the size and composition of groups in which children are being educated and cared for by the Service.
The Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor must ensure that no member of staff who is supervising children both supervises children and performs other duties at the same time if those duties would adversely affect the quality of supervision.
Injury and Illness
If a child is injured or becomes ill or suffers a trauma while at the Education and Care Service, the Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor, Educators, other Staff members and/ or volunteers must follow the Education and Care Service’s policies and procedures.
The Approved Provider of an Education and Care Service must ensure that a parent/guardian of a child being educated and cared for by the Service is notified as soon as practicable but not later than 24 hours after the occurrence, if the child is involved in any incident, injury, trauma or illness while the child is being educated or cared for by the Education and Care Service.
Administration of Medication
Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor must ensure that a child must not be given medication unless:
  • That administration is authorised; and
  • The medication has been prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, from its original container bearing the original label to whom the medication is to be administered and before the expiry and use by date.
First Aid Kits
The Approved Provider must ensure:
  • That there are suitable and fully stocked first-aid kit at the education and care service.
  • An appropriate number of first aid kits must be kept having regard to the number of children being educated and cared for by the Service.
  • That at least one member of staff of the Education and Care Service, at all times whilst the Education and Care Service is in operation, holds an approved qualification in the administration of first aid.
  • That all first-aid equipment, medicine, drugs and other substances potentially harmful to children are stored in cupboards that are secured by means of childproof locks.
Discipline of Children
The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor and all staff must ensure that each child at the Education and Care Service:
  • Is given adequate positive guidance towards socially acceptable behaviour, and
  • Is not subject to or threatened with:
  • Any form of punishment.
  • Any punishment that takes the form of immobilisation or force-feeding.
  • Any punishment that is intended to humiliate or frighten the child.
Children not to Perform Unreasonable Duties
The Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor and all other members of Staff must ensure that a child at the Education and Care Service is not required to perform duties that are unreasonable, having regard to the child’s age, physical, and intellectual development.
The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor must ensure that any animal kept at the Service as a pet, is clean and well cared for.
Children not to be Released into the Care of Strangers
 The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor and all Educators must ensure that no child leaves the Service in the care of any person other than:
  • A parent of the child
  • An authorised nominee named in the child’s enrolment record
  • A person authorised by a parent or authorised nominee named in the child’s enrolment record or authorised in writing by a parent to collect the child from the premises

Policy Review

Policies are reviewed regularly by management, employees, parents and any interested parties to ensure that they comply with Laws, Regulations and Guidelines.

Change Date
Policy created. February 1, 2016
Policy reviewed. December 1, 2017