XPLOR Home, a new way to communicate and engage with our Families

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As of next week, we are wanting to roll-out a new way of communicating with you; it is called Xplor Home.

Xplor Home is a new automated platform that Xplor has created to assist us in more effectivity communicating with our families. It shows your child’s learning, health & wellbeing details (including sleep, nutrition, toileting etc.), childcare bookings, account details, childcare subsidy information and much more. You can access this platform via the Xplor Home website (https://home.myxplor.com/) or via the Xplor Home app.

What we need you to do is…. Download the Home App.

It is free to download. Just click on the relevant link below, and it will take you directly to the App in either the App Store or in the Play Store.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Once you have downloaded this, you can log in using your current login details for the Xplor Care App.

In the coming weeks, Xplor Home will be replacing the currently used Xplor Care app. To ensure this is a smooth transition, over the next four weeks, we will share information with you on how best to use the App and where to find the information that you are seeking. Each Monday, we will send out a post with a link to a ‘How to’ guide that will explain, and show, how to perform different functions within the App. The plan to do this is as follows:

Week 1 (next Monday)
We will send out details on how the App can be used to sign your child in and out of the centre. This will now be a contactless process reducing any exposure when attending for you.

Week 2
We will outline viewing and requesting bookings on the App, as well as notifying of holidays or absences.

Week 3
Two areas of focus this week, firstly finance dashboard and how to view, We will also roll out how to comment and provide feedback on your child’s observations.

Week 4
Managing notifications and see messages from the centre on the App.

If you have any difficulties downloading the App or have any questions, please speak to your Centre Manager, and they will be able to assist you.

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