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What Is Session Care And How Can I Benefit With More Access To Childcare

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When the new Child Care Subsidy was introduced in July this year we made the decision to start offering not only ‘days of care’ but also ‘session care’ to our families.

All our Centres offer 8 & 9 hour sessions. These sessions are offered to all families. The sessions are most beneficial to those that have, under the new system, experienced a restriction in their subsidised hours and need their child to attend the centre on as many days as possible, or those that work full-time and receive the maximum 100 hours of care per fortnight. The government assigns our full hours of opening to each session unless a session care strategy is used, so many families in 5 days per week are assigned 105 to 115 hours per fortnight and are therefore paying full fees for additional 5/10 hours each fortnight. If you think session care may benefit your family please speak to one of our directors for more information.

Please note there are set hours for these sessions which are strictly monitored by the government and there is a fee associated with a late pick-up. If you collect your child after the session has ended, the first time there will be no late fee but the second and subsequent late pick ups will incur a $20 late fee every time the child is collected after the end of the session of care.

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