Welcome Brigette Marum

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My name is Brigette and I am excited to say that I have taken the ECT position at Ohana Scarba street. I have devoted my adult life to developing my career in the early childhood sector and proudly say I am a passionate advocate for children and their rights. I believe that my job has a fundamental role in helping children to develop the social and emotional skills in life that will allow them to be successful life-long learners.

I am the mother two beautiful boys aged three and four. Since becoming a mother, I have had the privilege of witnessing first hand how meaningful and respectful relationships allow children to develop a sense of security and agency. These relationships have allowed my boys to become confident in their social environment and flourish. It is my goal to work closely with the families to help all the children within my care reach their full potential.

I am excited to be able to build on the preschool program for our children and looking forward to building strong  and meaningful relationships with the children and families within the service as well as making connections within our community. Please feel free to come say hi, discuss what it is you would like to see on our program and in our environments and help set some goals for your children moving forward.