Walker Learning – Our New Teaching Program in 2020

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Want to learn more about the new approach to learning being adopted by Ohana in 2020. Click here to see what our Preschool teachers at our North Boambee campus are saying about this new style of teaching.

This new pedagogy is a new and exciting learning method built upon a play-based approach to teaching, that’s a whole lot more than just fun and games. Underpinned by child development psychology and neuroscience, the Australian-designed Walker Learning method has over the past 25 years demonstrated marked improvements in the everyday literacy and numeracy skills of young children.

The program is not just for our school readiness program for preschoolers; we are implementing the program across all our age groups, from the nursery to our preschool classrooms.

Be part of this exciting new initiative by joining us for 2020!

To find out more, speak to our enrolment specialist by requesting a call back from our website here or call 6656 4664 and select option 1.