The new XPLOR Home App – Introducing the Finance Dashboard & Observation Feedback

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Your New Finance Dashboard

The new Home App now lets you view more of your financial details than ever before. You can view your account balance, your statement, your childcare subsidy percentage, and our current Client Written Agreement (CWA). The app also has your Childcare Centres phone number and the Centrelink call centres number, on the finance page, in case you need to call.

While we appreciate everything is on hold with the new COVID-19 Childcare package, we do encourage you to familiarise yourself with this area. You will note that it does look quite different to the Xplor Care page that you are used to. You can find the ‘how-to guide’ here

With the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package in place since early April, your statement will not currently show any fees being deducted from your account.

Viewing and Commenting on Observations

Similarly, to the previous app, Home allows you to view and comment on observations of your child’s learning. This information is accessible in the Learning tab within the app. All observations can now have up to 16 images and a video attached. This allows us to better show you, using photos, exactly what your child has been learning about.

At the bottom of the observation, there is a section where you can comment. We encourage you to do this. Our educators appreciate getting feedback from our families. This mode makes it quick and easy for you to do so.

To find out more information on how to view your child’s observations, click here

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