NEW – Sick Children Policy – Know Your Rights

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As we work through the new way of the world with COVID-19, it has become apparent when we have been talking to parents that there is a great deal of confusion with when a child is sick or becomes sick when in care. We believe this confusion exists, both from a parents perspective and with our educators.

To address any confusion, we have created a new policy that specifically addresses the definition of when a child is sick in a childcare setting. The new policy is available here. This new policy draws on several pre-existing policies, but we are hoping this makes each situation a little more clear cut.

In summary, the main areas we have noticed being misunderstood:

  • A temperature of 38 degrees or above is recorded three times within thirty minutes;
  • A runny nose, this needs to be a runny green nasal discharge;
  • Vomiting, this requires exclusion from the care environment of 24-hours from the last episode;
  • Vomiting & diarrhoea, this one is a 48-hour exclusion;

All our staff are currently undertaking a refresher in this new policy within our professional development system so as we have a clear, consistent approach at each centre.

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