Intergenerational Care – Seeing the World Through Each Others Eyes – Excursion

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On the 25th November, eight children from the Eagle Ray room (our North Boambee centre) participated in an excursion to Opal Retirement Village as part of our ‘Intergenerational Care – Seeing the World Through Others Eyes’ program.

The children were excited as we put on our hi-vis vests and walked up to Opal. We were careful crossing all roads ensuring that we looked both ways before crossing. Once we arrived we were greeted by the residents, introducing ourselves and our ages. Here we learnt that one of the residents is 100 years old!

Our Ohana children took on the challenge to beat the Opal residents at bowling and quoits. Opal residence won bowls and we tied at the quoits.

We read two of our favourite books to the residents – “Wombat Stew” and “Giraffes Don’t Dance”. We had lots of fun making new friends and we cannot wait to go back next month to continue to build these relationships.