Healthy Development – Eating & Activity

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Our centre is a supporter of the NSW Health Munch & Move program, the program is an initiative that supports healthy development of children under the age of 5 years through the promotion of physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time.

Each newsletter we will highlight a different aspect of the program for parents and families to build awareness of the program and outline the various components of the program that we will implement throughout our centre.

Get Active Each Day – physical activity is an important part of being healthy as well as building a strong long term lifestyle. The importance of being active provides a number of benefits in:

  • builds strong bones and muscles
  • improves balance
  • is a good way to engage with the children and allow to build strong friendships
  • helps children achieve and maintain a healthy weight

The Munch and Move initiative recommends that all toddlers and preschoolers should:

  • be physically active for at least three hours each day, spread throughout the day
  • not sit for more that one hour at a time

The program recommends delivery of these goals via small steps which build each day and week throughout their time with us.

What can parents do to help a child be more active:

  • turn off the television and go outside to play
  • play together as a family
  • get active as a family
  • go for a walk to a park
  • try different ranges of activities
  • do things that your child enjoys

The program with additional information is available from here.

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