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Fund raising drive for Archer N Pup

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archer n pup     Archer ‘N’ Pup

A brother of one of our children in our Trial Bay Turtles room (Toddler), suffers from ASD (autism spectrum disorder). We are pleased to support a fund raising drive for this young man by the name of Archer, the money raised will  enable him to be able to receive an Autism Assistance Trained Dog thru Smart Pups (http://www.smartpups.org.au). The benefits of having a specifically trained dog for Archer that allows for him to be supported in his day to day activities is immeasurable for both Archer and his family. To allow Archer to take his place in society in a safe and secure environment where a pup will  keep him away from the day to day dangers such as roads and water cannot be underestimated.

The fund raising drive is based around a ‘Pie Drive’ hosted by Timbertown Pies with all profits going to this cause. A specially trained pup is not cheap and the family needs to raise $15,000 before Smart Pups will begin specifically training a selected puppy. The centre will have posters and order forms for pie ordering – orders close Wednesday 18 June with pies being ready for pick up from the centre from 12 noon Friday 27 June.

If pies are not your thing then you can donate directly to the cause by going to the Smart Pups website and click on the rather large red donate button, please make sure you quote archsnds in the comment to sellers box. This will ensure your donation will go to Archer’s fund raising.

For more information on this cause Archer’s Mum, Jessica, has a Facebook page at Archer ‘N’ Pup and can also be contacted either by  email on ajessica17@bigpond.com or by mobile 0434 494133.

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