Children Transitioning Between Classrooms – Our North Boambee Centre Philosophy

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Here at Ohana, we want to ensure that children feel comfortable and supported at all times; this is particularly important when new children are starting at the centre and when they move into a new room with new educators. Here at our North Boambee centre we have adopted a process of ‘transition visits’ over a period of 4 weeks to make sure the children are happy in their new room before they officially make the move.

Here is an overview of how we prepare your children for their new room:
Week 1: Children spend some time in their new room for just a short activity; morning tea, a play, or a group time.
Week 2: Children spend a longer stay in the new room; usually a morning session and come back for lunch and rest time in their room.
Week 3: Children stay for a morning session and join the new room for lunch too. Some children are happy to stay all day at this point and others prefer to go back to their room for a rest.
Week 4: Children stay all day as if they are already part of the room but can return to their room whenever they wish to. This gives us a week to make sure they are really ready before moving them up permanently.

When we can, a familiar educator will go with the child to the new room for their visit.

Generally we like to see children starting their transition journey from 4 weeks before their birthday or not until well after; depending on the child, their willingness and their family’s wishes.

Some children are so keen to join the new room that they spend only a week or two visiting before being moved up permanently. Others will do transition visits for a much longer period until they are ready to join the room. All of these options are normal and parents can communicate with either of the rooms educators’ about how their child is going.

We will always discuss with you our desire to start transition visits and together we can come up with an approach that suits your child best!

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