We are family, a place to grow - life skills and education are just the beginning... 

At Ohana Early Learning we seek to engage and partner as families to provide the best possible experience and educational outcome via a variety of deliverables.

Ohana Early Learning supports and encourages the use of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is the Government initiative that we recognise to provide the outcomes required to enhance and enrich your child’s learning.

Government websites such as www.mychild.gov.au provide a wealth of information on this area.

The EYLF curriculum is based on the interests of a child or group of children. The curriculum engages the individual child or the group in learning through further activity, sparked by a topic or activity that they have initiated.

Our teams of educators are encouraged to facilitate these interests by building on these activities to channel the children's learning, exploration and discovery.

Planning this curriculum requires observation, documentation and creativity from our team, because rather than rigidly starting with a set program for the week, it starts off with the children's current interests and flows on from there.

Your child’s education and journey with us will be followed using the following methods:


Using cloud based technology our educators will record key events and activities with your child's time with us which will be available for parents and caregivers to review and share on-line with family & friends.The system will allow feedback to our educators on further interests or discussion that you may have with your child. This technology is available via apps on your smartphones, tablets and desktop web browsers.


Your child’s 'learning journey' will be documented for display in their room and within their individual records in our system for you to review and provide feedback. Our educators are encouraged to record events and photograph the children throughout the day for the best possible visual story of what the child has done for the week. These displays are creative stories of what the children are saying and what they are learning about a particular subject, such as the human body, the environment or the world. These displays will make the sharing experience with your child a memorable and inclusive as you will know all about their week and what they have enjoyed doing with us.


Time is set aside for our team to take advantage of the impulsive interests and learning of the children as it happens, this allows them to plan projects and gather the resources that may be required. Children are given the necessary time to explore and expand on their interests, this maximises their chances of building on their knowledge and learning whilst enjoying it as much as possible.


Ohana Early Learning is developing in-house a separate learning area simulated on a classroom environment to facilitate a preparatory learning environment with the objective to prepare children for the next step to ‘big school’. Consultant teachers with appropriate Early Childhood degrees and ongoing educational development will prepare this school-based curriculum. This program will be available to all children commencing primary school in the following year, you are encouraged talk to our Curriculum Director to provide our educators feedback and assess your child’s readiness to move to this level.