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Ohana North Boambee

Megan Singleton

Centre Manager, Babies Room

I am a mum of 2 girls and moved back to the Coffs Coast to get away from the busy city life. I have worked in Early Childhood for over 15 years. I have developed skills and knowledge that has led to my desire and passion for all children, and we do this by extending on a child's learning and support their continued development through play.I have managed Child Care Centres for over seven years. I love to support staff in their journeys as educators. I look forward to starting my journey with the team and families at Ohana.My door is always open, and I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Janice Hoffman

Lead Educator, Preschool Room

“It is my role to be a facilitator and provide opportunities for children to engage in learning experiences that support the development of the whole child. I believe that children learn best when given opportunities to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and create meaning about the world around them. I look forward to continuing my role as the Eagle Ray teacher and getting to know you and your children.”

Wendy Joyce

Early Childhood Teacher, Toddlers Room

“All children regardless of gender, culture, religion, physical and mental ability, or economic background should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential. With nurturing and support it is vital that children develop self-respect, respect for others, respect for property and the values of others. Ideally this will enable them to become successful members of communities, and society, in the years to come.”

Ohana Scarba Street

Joanne Franco

Centre Manager

"As a passionate early childhood professional for over 15 years, I have found that building strong connections with all our families is the most valuable connection we can have with the child in our care. I am committed to being the voice of the child to maintain their right to play in a safe and secure environment along with providing the best education possible during their first 5 years. I look forward to meeting all our families and introducing new ones to Ohana."

Mary-Jane Sutton

Early Childhood Teacher, Preschool Room

“I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure and caring environment in which to grow and develop emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. For each child to thrive in an environment with a strong foundation of life long skills, a positive rapport needs to be established between educators and the family. After all - ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ (African proverb).”

Clare Alston

Lead Educator, Toddlers Room

“I feel children should be given choice, responsibilities and the opportunity to initiate their own learning. Getting to know and understand their individual interests and development stages is an excellent way to shape our planning and curriculum. Teaching children is my passion and I always aim to show they are loved and cared for in our centre.”

Lauren Davis

Lead Educator, Babies Room

“My passion is all about building relationships with our children and their families. These relationships are the foundation for ensuring each child feels safe, supported and nurtured in our environment.”

Ohana Emerald Beach

Maree Munro

Centre Manager

“When a parent entrusts you with the care of their child, I believe it’s a child’s right, and our duty as professionals, to provide a safe and nurturing environment that creates a sense of security and trust. It takes respectful relationships and open communication between educators, families, and all stakeholders to create an environment which ensures the best outcomes for every child. When children become confident and happy in their surroundings a natural progression of curiosity, discovery, and growth can take place.”

Mandeep Rai

Early Childhood Teacher, Preschool Room

“The early years are the most crucial part in a child’s learning journey as this is where the foundations are laid for their future learning and development. I aim to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment where all children can feel safe and respected.”

Navpreet Sidhu

Lead Educator, Babies Room

“A learning environment should be bright, secure, motivating and fun, so that the children are encouraged to achieve their full potential. It is my role as an educator to assume responsibility for each child’s personal and educational development whilst they are in my care. Accordingly, my planning and daily care must cater for, stimulate and challenge their diverse range of needs, talents, cultures and interests.”

Ohana South Grafton

Brodie Thompson

Centre Manager (on Maternity Leave)

“The early years of a child’s life is where the learning is happening - they begin to walk, talk and develop self-help skills. As an educator I strongly believe in supporting the children through these stages, with controlled activities to enable them to make decisions, and to initiate their own learning through age appropriate responsibilities and opportunities.”

Ashleigh Steele

Lead Educator, Toddlers Room (on Maternity Leave)

“I believe that every child should be viewed as capable in their own abilities, and that they are given the opportunity to have their voice heard and valued. I feel that my role is to support children to feel safe, secure and supported within their environment so that they are able to openly express their thoughts and emotions.”

Amy Monaghan

Lead Educator, Babies Room (Acting Centre Manager)

“It is important that as educators we support and value meaningful play experiences. I believe play based learning is the way that children learn to make sense of their world, to explore, socialise, and share equipment and ideas. It’s our duty to plan for further learning experiences and document each child’s learning through their play activities.”

Shari Pitkin

Lead Educator, Toddlers Room

"I come to Ohana with over 8 years experience in the Early Childhood industry. I am so excited to walk along this journey with you and your child/ren. I am always open for conversation and i am happy to answer any questions you may have. I like to work collaboratively alongside families to give your children the best start in the early childhood years. Looking forward to getting to know you and your children."

Kaila Jamieson

Lead Educator, Babies Room

"I am very excited to discover all the children’s interests to create experiences that they can grow from. I have been in the childcare industry for over 4 years now, observing and setting goals to make the children’s environment as homely and welcoming as possible. I’m always positive and have so much pride in my job and I am always open to any questions and requests you provide me."

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