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We are family, place to grow - life skills and education are just the beginning….

Four Modern Centres located across the Mid North Coast

When we first set out to create our modern purpose-built childcare centres, the intention was to design them using the following principles. Firstly they had to be based in convenient and accessible locations to help parents with pick-ups and drop-offs. Secondly, the interiors had to be designed as safe, age-appropriate, and engaging spaces. And lastly, to encourage outdoor activity, the playground areas were to incorporate native habitats with generous shade and real grass. Feedback from our parents shows these spaces to be both calming and conducive to learning and developing social skills.

From 6 weeks to 6 years

We recognise that busy parents often need care for their children from an early age. To address this growing need, we employ caring educators and qualified teachers who are skilled in providing individual attention for children of all ages. Ohana aims to foster a fun and interactive approach to your child’s development, from babies at six weeks up to the age of 6 and the start of primary school.

Experienced, Caring Local Staff

Our team are more than just childcare workers. They are hand-picked professional educators skilled in caring for and nurturing the needs of little individuals. You will find the local team across all our centres are capable of managing more than one child at a time in group activities, and responding swiftly to tricky behavioural situations or emergencies such as injury or sickness. Furthermore, Ohana actively provides for ongoing staff development and traineeships. We believe a happy team means a happy environment.

Age-based Curriculum

At Ohana Early Learning we seek to engage and partner with families to provide the best possible experience and educational outcome via a variety of deliverables.

Ohana supports and encourages the use of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is the Government initiative that we recognise to provide the outcomes required to enhance and enrich your child’s learning.

Meals and Snacks prepared by our in-house Chef

Our educators understand the importance of healthy habits instilled at a young age so all meals served in our centres follow careful nutritional guidelines, even for our babies who are not yet on solids. The food we serve is both tasty and nutritious, and prepared by our in-house chef who is also a working mother. The children also get to learn cooking skills and love eating their own handmade muffins and cakes, which adds to the overall enjoyment.

Nappies & Sunscreen

At Ohana we provide those little things that make your day simpler, so you can spend more quality time with your family.

Talk to our centre managers to arrange any specific medical or environmental needs.

Natural award winning architecturally designed playgrounds

All our centres have extensive gardens with award-winning architecturally designed playgrounds featuring natural wood and rock playscapes, water courses for those hot days and real grass.

Our sun safe playscapes feature a whole host of engaging features that encourage free and structured play.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Ohana is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and seeks to be 100% renewable in its electricity supply across its network of systems.

We also use fully compostable plates and bowls at children's mealtimes so that our carbon footprint is reduced further by reducing the need to rely on council services.

We incorporate this renewable and recycling philosophy in our teachings with the children across their behaviours in simple things such as mealtime and their use of our facilities.

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